With the ski season just about kicking off, always remember that your falls may be painful.
AfterEffects is a solid program in bringing together visuals and text. Though its a bit more complicated than FinalCut Pro on Macs, it gives you a lot of options on a PC. Compatible with Illustrator and Photoshop, you can work with pictures and graphics, and add high-quality text in AfterEffects. Here's a little ditty I put together in the vein of ESPN highlight intros:
Don't believe me? Check out some of the coolest Web sites around:




And for your own bit of enjoyment, or perhaps disgust with Facebook (to each his own), a look at Facebook picture statistics:
Hey all,

Decided to finally break into a blog for Technically Speaking. A little wary of entering the dreaded blog-o-sphere, but  it's important to provide some perspective and analysis to the stories you see on Technically Speaking, and the greater new media issues of today. Expect daily posts, and feel free to recommend story ideas for the Web site. We are always looking for stories and writers.

And hopefully for a tidbit of entertainment (drumroll, please): 

The New Media/Social Media Page of the Day: take one part cult classic, one part Adobe AfterEffects, and one motivated digital designer, and you'll create a YouTube superhit. (Hint: Typographies take a whole lot of time, but they are all the rage in new media).


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